The proceedings of the conference will include all the extended summaries of all the communications or posters accepted for presentation during the conference, and whose first author will have regulated his registration fee by April 5th, 2019. They will be distributed to all the participants in the opening of the conference in the form of USB key (and in format paper for those which made of it the request with a supplement of 20 ).

The extended summaries up to 6 pages (maximum), figures and bibliography should be in Word (.doc or .docx) format and must be submitted before January 15th, 2019 under the name FIRSTAUTHOR.doc on the following website:

To ensure the best conditions the publication of the proceedings of the conference, the Organizing Committee need from the authors to respect the following instructions, in order to guarantee the homogeneity of the texts.


  • The extended summaries length should be 4 pages and to the maximum 6 pages. They are published in French, or in English with two English and Frenchsummaries,followedby keywordsinthetwolanguages.
  • The margins (high, low, left and right-hand side) are of 2.5 cm.
  • All the texts are in Times New Roman. Texts and illustrations must be in black and white. In the case of illustrations color, the authors will check their good legibility in the case of a reproduction in black and white for the edition paper.
  • The title of the article is in body 14, capital and centered with a space of 12 Pt after the title (format > paragraph > space after: 12 Pt).
  • The names and the initial ones of the first name of the authors must appear in body 12, capital letter and centered with a space of 12 Pt after the last name.
  • The corresponding author must write his/her e-mail.
  • The affiliations of the authors (membership, addresses professional and electronic) is in bodies 10 italic and aligned on the left and/or justified, with a space of 12 Pt after the contact of the last author (format > paragraph > space after: 12 Pt)
  • The French summary (10 lines maximum) is followed by the French keywords (5 at the most), of the English summary (with the title) and of the English keywords. The unit is composed in body 10, in italic, and is in small letters justified, with a space of 12 Pt after the French keywords (format > paragraph > space after: 12 Pt) and a space of 18 Pt after the English keywords (format > paragraph > space after: 18 Pt).
  • The titles (of the parts) in body 12 are aligned on the left, without subparagraph and in decimal classification:

1. Title of level 1 (12 front Pt, 6 Pt after, bold, 12)

 1.2. Title of level 2 (12 front Pt, 6 Pt after, bold, italic, 12)

 1.2.1. Title of level 3 (6 front Pt, 6 Pt after, italic, 12)

  • The tables and the figures must be called in the text before their appearance. They must be inserted in the text and not provided separately.
  • The figures, illustrations and photographs must be built-in with the text in format *.png or *.jpg. They are numbered of 1 to n inside the article. The title of the figure is placed below the figure and it is composed in body 10 with a space of 6 Pt before and after.
  • The tables must be built-in with the text. They are numbered of 1 to n inside the article. The title of the table is placed above table and it is composed in body 10 with a space of 6 Pt before and after.
  • Acknowledgements: if required add (Times New Roman 12 fats, front spacing 12 Pt, 6 Pt after)
  • All the bibliographical references quoted in the text must appear in the bibliography.
  • The bibliography is made up in Times New Roman, bodies 10, tiny, single spacing with a space of 6 Pt after. It must respect the usually allowed standards in the international reviews and indicate the name of all the authors. Do not forget to check the coherence between the listed references and the references called in the text.
    Article in journal: Title journal on italic, n° journal in bold,pages.



    Joly D., Brossard T., Cardot H., Cavailhes J., Hilal M., Wavresky P., 2008. Interpolation par recherche d’information locale. Climatologie, 5, 27-48.


    Book: Title of the document in italic,thenplaceofedition,editorandmanypagesinrightcharacters.

    Beltrando G., 2011. Les climats, processus, variabilité et risques. Paris, A. Colin, 286 p.


Any article presented without following the instructions above will be eliminated.