Excursion – Saturday 01/06/2019

  1. Paleogeografic Evolution of the Thermaikos Bay.

    Figure: Paleogeographical evolution of the plain of Thessaloniki during the past 6000 years.

    Figure a: Coastline position in 4000 BC, the Neolithic site of Nea Nikomidieia is located at the edge of a shallow sea gulf; Figure b: Position of the coastline in 2500 BC, the progradation delta of Aliakmon and Axios is clearly marked, a lagoon settles near Nea Nikomideia; Figure c: Position of the coastline in 1600 BC, Lake Loudias occupies the old lagoon; Figure d: Position of the coastline in 500/350 BC, the ancient capital Pella is located on the edge of a lake and is disconnected from the sea; Figure e: Position of the coastline in 100 AD, Pella is connected to the sea by the channel Loudias, mentioned by Strabon; Figure f: Position of the coastline in 300 AD, marked slowing of the delta progradation of the Aliakmon and Axios rivers; Figure g: coastline position and river system assessment, based on travelers’ stories; Figure h: Current position of the coastline, progradation of the Aliakmon and Axios rivers in the western part of the Thermaikos Gulf.
  2. Visit of the Archeological museum of Vergina.It is a site of universal importance. From Thessaloniki it may be advisable to choose to go in small groups via one of the many available proposals. In Vergina we will visit the archaeological museum. It is an extraordinary underground museum organized around the Macedonian royal tombs and an artificial tumulus. In a mysterious atmosphere due to the darkness, showcases emerge where we can admire exceptional masterpieces arisen intact from the past. And we discover, below, the graves themselves in their original location. Sufficient time: 1 hour. The museum is air conditioned and presents no difficulty of access.
  3. Visit of the archeological site of DION.
    Get ready for an extraordinary visit to the home of the ancient gods of Greece. Stunning views, lush forests and an archaeological site to remember are the ingredients of an unforgettable experience. We start in the morning with the departure for Dion, the religious center of the ancient Macedonians dedicated to the worship of Olympian Zeus, located in the footsteps of the famous Mount Olympus, the mythical home of the Gods. At Dion, Alexander the Great offered rich sacrifices to the gods before leaving for his legendary expedition to Asia. Enjoy a visit of the archaeological site. Marvel at the site as well as the incredible views of the mountain and the surrounding forest. We continue towards the traditional village of Litochoro. You will have time to walk through the charming Enipeas Valley, to Olympus on the lower slopes of the mountain, before returning to Thessaloniki.